Our Services

Harnessing the strengths of collaboration.

We unleash your platform potential.

We partner with organizations and platforms to make their business models future-proof by finding and enhancing their unique position in the ecosystem. We believe in the power of ecosystems, including our own ecosystem of experts, advisors, tools, and broader network. We do this as a team, and where necessary, can provide on-demand flexible skill. 

We understand that being future-ready is about managing both strategy and people with excellence. We start with the ‘why’, to uncover the deep-rooted causes of the challenge we are facing. We use our network and experts to create win-win solutions with a WIN methodology: Whatever Is Needed – win for your client, your client’s client, and for you and your team. We partner with our clients and apply ecosystem thinking to create impact and momentum, enabled by technology. 

Applying ecosystem thinking​

We believe in the power of an ecosystem. Ecosystem thinking focuses on the interactions around all stakeholders and data within the ecosystem. This provides insight in how value is created and flows. Knowing where value is created within your ecosystem is a prerequisite to create a strategy to improve the pains and gains for your business. We create value through leveraging the power of your ecosystem.

Creating momentum and impact​

We believe in contributing to a triple bottom line by caring for people, planet, and profit. We encourage businesses to manage economic, social, and environmental value added. Our starting point is client centricity and your positioning in society. We help you realize your economic, social, and environmental goals to move forward. Together, we create momentum and impact.


We believe in enabling technology to enhance and enrich ecosystems. To solve our challenge, we apply various technologies to achieve a desired impact. Be it to digitize a process, develop new products and services, or build new ventures and platforms. We have proven experience in applying e.g., big data, blockchain, APIs, robotics, and OCR. We enable solutions driven by technology. 

How we can help you

We offer three distinct services: 1. Strategy, 2. Productize, and 3. Implementation. 

1. Strategy

Why refine your business and ecosystem strategy?                    

How likely is it that your industry will be disrupted by incumbent platforms? And do you know if your company could be such a platform or could make use of platforms? How close or further away would you need to position yourself towards that platform?

Many global transitions are heavily influencing your industry and business model, including; the sustainability shift, the growing importance of ecosystems, the disruption by platforms and very rapidly changing communication & technology tools. To do so, you need to determine your current but most of all desired position in the ecosystem.

What we offer:

  • Platform strategy
  • Ecosystem strategy
  • Transformation and go-to-market strategy

2. Productize

Why is innovation key to your business and position in your ecosystem?   

Digital transformations and increased sustainability awareness lead to new client, employee, and shareholder demands – how future-proof is your business model and your products and services? How will you remain relevant in a digital ecosystem? And should you build it yourself, co-create, or partner? 

In the case of a significant rise of platforms in your industry, could you offer your products or services as Value-Added Services on a platform? Or is it better to position your newly developed service in a new venture? 

What we offer:                                                          

    • Platform exploration and ideation
    • Platform proposition and product development

3. Implementation

Why do your people and culture matter?                                  

Your success is determined by the collaboration of all people involved. Most people request change but often don’t want to be changed. To obtain your desired ecosystem position, adapt your business model, or create new propositions, change is a necessity. Well-orchestrated change empowers your employees to gain new skills and explore new opportunities. How do you cater for successful transformations?

We offer on-demand services for an additional pair of hands, creative brains, or fresh pair of eyes to facilitate your pivot.

What we offer:                                               

    • Subject matter experts (knowledge and experience)
    • Transformation and change capabilities

Curious about finding your momentum?