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We partner with organizations and platforms to make their business model future-proof by enhancing their unique position in the ecosystem. 

1. The inexorable evolution of business models, transitioning from linear to platform and circular models driving 70% of future value

2. The complexity of our problems necessitates a fresh approach to problem solving

3. Embracing complex partnerships and adopting a holistic approach to sustainability, integrating people, planet and profit

3 key board-level themes we address:

1. Create full transparency and true pricing across value chains

Geopolitical tensions, upcoming EU sustainability regulations, and climate change demand swift action from decision-makers. Clear visibility into supply chains is crucial, and achievable through digital transformation and technologies like blockchain and IoT, enhancing transparency, reliability, and resilience.

2. Access to finance and new finance solutions

The $2.5 trillion trade finance gap grows wider. Integrating finance into platforms offers a promising solution, making trade financing more accessible and convenient. Blended finance, combining public and private sector funds, addresses gaps, enhancing availability and reducing risks.

3. Harness the platform and ecosystem value creation

70% of future value creation hinges on digital platforms in the next decade. Firms must leverage digital tools for collaboration, innovation, and navigating disruption, crucial for transitioning post-pandemic with purpose-driven, sustainable platforms. Understanding ecosystem dynamics is key for impactful positioning.

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