Unleash your
platform potential.

We partner with organizations and platforms to make their business model future-proof by enhancing their unique position in the ecosystem. 

We are on a mission to create value for everyone.

Whether it’s identifying strategic partnerships, optimizing your business for sustainability, bridging technology and strategy, or fostering collaboration within your ecosystem, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

We transform, build, invest, and train.

Why we do it

We are entering a world that demands greater sustainability, decentralization, and is more connected than ever.

From linear to platform and circular models

The inexorable evolution of business models, transitioning from linear to platform and circular models, which will drive 70% of future value. 

Complex problems require a fresh approach

Innovative solutions vital for tackling crises like inequality, climate change, and resource depletion demand collaboration and strategic investments.

Redefining value creation and capture

Embracing complex partnerships and adopting a holistic approach to sustainability, integrating people, planet, and profit. 

Our purpose is to help you navigate these challenges.

We help you enhance and realize your value creation strategy​

From vision to action

Strategy and Innovation

Strategy development and strategy execution ⬥ Value proposition development ⬥ Go-to-market strategy ⬥ Partnership development

ESG and Sustainability

Formulation of strategy and transformation to sustainable supply chain and operating model ⬥ Transform to a circular business model ⬥ Comply with regulations and investor requirements

Technology and Data

Technical due diligence and second opinions ⬥ Buy, build, or partner decision and selection ⬥ Data-driven decision making

To move from vision to action, fostering inspiration and cultural readiness are key elements.

These are ingrained in our offering and can also be offered as standalone services

Inspire and Learn

Hosting inspiration sessions ⬥ Provide trainings ⬥ Facilitate off-sites ⬥ Organize workshops ⬥ On topics such as ecosystem and platform thinking, ESG reporting, leadership, and new technologies

Culture Readiness to Transform

Cultivate a dynamic organizational culture that thrives on change, fosters innovation, and effectively executes ⬥ Create an environment for trust ⬥ Leadership alignment ⬥ Set of needed behaviors

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