What we do

Co-create to make a difference.

We embrace multidisciplinary collaboration by uniting experience for strategic solutions

At our core, we embrace an integral, multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving, recognizing that the complexity of value streams requires insights from various disciplines.

We believe that solutions cannot be derived solely from one discipline; instead, they necessitate the collaborative efforts of senior experts with a wealth of leadership experience, coupled with the fresh perspectives of those eager for change, including the digitally native younger generation.

By fostering a diverse team composed of individuals from business, academia, and different generations, we ensure a rich combination of perspectives that drives strategic and sustainable outcomes.

3 key board-level themes we address

Create full transparency and true pricing across value chains

Geopolitical tensions, EU sustainability regulations, and climate change demand action from decision-makers. Visibility into supply chains is crucial, achievable through digital transformation and technologies like blockchain and IoT, enhancing transparency, reliability, and resilience.

Access to finance and new finance solutions

The $2.5 trillion trade finance gap grows wider. Integrating finance into platforms offers a promising solution, making trade financing more accessible and convenient. Blended finance, combining public and private sector funds, addresses gaps, enhancing availability and reducing risks.

Harness the platform and ecosystem value creation

70% of future value creation hinges on digital platforms in the next decade. Firms must leverage digital tools for collaboration and navigating disruption, crucial for transitioning with impact-driven, sustainable platforms. Understanding ecosystem dynamics is key for impactful positioning.

We help you enhance and realize your value creation strategy​

From vision to action

Strategy and Innovation

Strategy development and strategy execution ⬥ Value proposition development ⬥ Go-to-market strategy ⬥ Partnership development

ESG and Sustainability

Formulation of strategy and transformation to sustainable supply chain and operating model ⬥ Transform to a circular business model ⬥ Comply with regulations and investor requirements

Technology and Data

Technical due diligence and second opinions ⬥ Buy, build, or partner decision and selection ⬥ Data-driven decision making

To move from vision to action, fostering inspiration and cultural readiness are also key elements.

These are ingrained in our offering and can also be offered as standalone services

Inspire and Learn

Hosting inspiration sessions ⬥ Provide trainings ⬥ Facilitate off-sites ⬥ Organize workshops ⬥ On topics such as ecosystem and platform thinking, ESG reporting, leadership, and new technologies

Culture Readiness to Transform

Cultivate a dynamic organizational culture that thrives on change, fosters innovation, and effectively executes ⬥ Create an environment for trust ⬥ Leadership alignment ⬥ Set of needed behaviors

We unleash your platform potential.

We partner with organizations and platforms to make their business models future-proof by finding and enhancing their unique position in the ecosystem. We believe in the power of ecosystems, including our own ecosystem of experts, advisors, tools, and broader network. We do this as a team, and where necessary, can provide on-demand flexible skill. 

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