About us

We partner with you and your ecosystem to build momentum, connecting your ambitions to your day-to-day business.

What we stand for

Why choose The Value Department?


We are curious and value all experiences

  • Organizations of all sizes
  • From budding ideas to proven and established business models
  • Bring curiosity to every project


We embody authenticity and integrity

  • We are bold dreamers
  • Not afraid to say ‘no’ for the right reasons
  • Our team’s diversity is our strength


We champion the philosophy of continuous improvement

  • We take small, calculated steps, allowing us to learn quickly, adapt effectively, and enhance our strategies
  • Iterative approaches propel us to our goals while fostering resilience and innovation


We build trust and partnerships through collaboration

  • We value synergy, knowing that shared knowledge and resources yield greater results
  • Our collaborative ethos extends to our ecosystem, fostering innovation and sustainable business solutions


Fun and freedom are key to our vibrant work culture

  • Having fun allows us to connect and create bonds while keeping our spirits high
  • We take our work seriously and always create a joyful and productive environment

Why choose The Value Department?

Stepping into your shoes with a deep understanding of ecosystem complexities and business dynamics, we believe in today’s actions shaping tomorrow’s world-changing companies.

Who we are

Meet our team and ecosystem partners

Alfred Botterhuis

the fixer

Explores where to create value, innovates and implements new business models.

Bob Gravestijn

the advisor

Identifying strategic solutions, empowering businesses to innovate and thrive.

Catherine Schoendorff

the challenger

Thinking laterally to achieve sustainable growth and transformations.

Chanmeet Kaur

the builder

Driven by curiosity and always thriving for results.

Fleur Boos

the connector

Connecting tomorrow's vision to today's action.

Frédérique de Lange

the includer

It is easier to reach our potential when we learn the value of including others.

Hans-Peter Stadler

the transformer

Driven to make a positive impact on society, the planet, and organizations.

Rares Vesa

the intern

Always striving for excellence and continuous growth.

Toon Leijtens

the architect

Building the bridge between business and technology.

Valentijn van der Linden

the bookkeeper

Fostering success through efficiency and precision.

Curious about finding your momentum?

Get in touch with our inspiring strategist, Fleur.