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We believe in the power of partnerships. Through co-creation, we’ve embarked on transformative journeys with our clients, bringing their visions to life. Explore a selection of our client stories to see how together, we’ve achieved meaningful impact.


Preparing our client for an investor story and pitch deck for strategic growth.

We conducted two workshops on BMC and VPC, developing a future roadmap to advance the client’s business model. In addition to this, we crafted an investor and potential partner story and pitch deck for their strategic growth.

Our client's journey, guided by strategic workshops on BMC and VPC, propels them toward a refined business model and a compelling investor narrative, empowering them for the next crucial phase of growth.

The opportunity

Preparing the investor and partner story and pitch deck.

Our client embarked on a journey to refine their business model and propel their venture forward. Through two targeted workshops on BMC (Business Model Canvas) and VPC (Value Proposition Canvas), they aimed to solidify their vision and strategy for the future. Now, they are poised to take the next crucial step in evolving their business model, armed with a compelling investor story and a polished pitch deck.

We started with an elaborate workshop on value proposition and business model.

The first part encompassed defining the platform’s value proposition, highlighting what gains pains and jobs to be done were to be addressed, and how the platform addresses these. The second part of the workshop encompassed a discussion around the business model, including critical discussions on key elements such as key partners and key channels.

The second workshop provided further insight into the road ahead, including a vision statement, defining the riskiest assumptions, defining the requirements for an MVP, and the key next steps to get there.

The approach

Defining the platform's value proposition and business model, outlining the vision, riskiest assumptions, MVP requirements, and next steps for future development.

The impact

Defined unique value, addressed the business model, and outlined a future roadmap.

Working with The Value Department allowed #itoo to define their business model and prepare them for investor presentations. We started with an in-depth workshop focused on refining their value proposition and addressing key business model elements, such as partnerships and channels. In a follow-up session, we helped them articulate a clear vision, identify critical assumptions, and outline the path to developing a minimum viable product. With a compelling pitch deck created in their platform’s style, they were able to practice with experts and confidently present to future investors and partners, setting the stage for future success.

Our clients

We believe in the power of partnerships. Through co-creation, we’ve embarked on transformative journeys with our clients, bringing their visions to life. 

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