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Empowering Women: Crafting a Mentorship Platform’s Future Business Model

By the Numbers: Highlighting the Problem of Gender Disparity in the Workplace for Women

In the European Union, the gender pay gap stands at a striking 12.7%, highlighting the undervaluing of sectors dominated by female workers. In fact, 60% of manager-level positions are held by men, leaving women to fill the remaining 40%? This imbalance at the managerial rung is a critical barrier to women’s progression to senior roles​​. Moreover, women’s professional networks are often less robust than their male counterparts. For instance, in the Netherlands, women are reported to be 35% less likely than men to possess a strong and diverse network. This disadvantage is not localized but global, with women worldwide being up to 38% less likely to have a stable network—a factor crucial for career development and opportunities.

One of the most effective tools at our disposal to level the playing field is mentorship. Extensive research, incluing the Women in the Workplace 2023 Report, proves that effective mentoring can catalyze change, equipping women with the confidence, skills, and networks needed to navigate and succeed in a challenging corporate environment.

Power of Mentoring: A Pathway to Equity and Success for Women in the Professional Sphere

Mentoring has emerged as a powerful tool for addressing inequality and bridging the gender gap in the workplace. Mentoring is vital for women’s advancement and empowerment in the professional world, with best-case outcomes leading to increased retention and promotions for underrepresented groups. In fact, women with mentors were promoted five times more than their non-mentored peers. Additionally, the retention rate of women post-mentoring increased by 15 to 38 percent. Mentoring provides women with both psychological support and practical skills, fostering invaluable networks that enhance their longevity and success in the workplace.

One of the fundamental ways mentoring empowers women is by increasing their confidence and self-esteem. It can provide support, guidance, and constructive feedback that help women recognize their worth and take on new challenges with confidence. Mentoring also helps women develop hard and soft skills, such as project management and leadership abilities, leading to women’s personal as well as professional growth and breaking through barriers. Additionally, mentoring facilitates the creation of supportive networks, introducing women to key contacts and opportunities for networking within their industries, ultimately enhancing their visibility and paving the way for career advancement.

However, despite their effectiveness, the true impact of mentoring remains largely overlooked by organizations. Shockingly, 63% of women in the global workplace have never experienced formal mentorship. Organizations must recognize the significance of mentoring in promoting gender equality and empowering women, which ultimately can also lead to business growth.

Advancing mentoring for women through the #itoo platform

#itoo is an innovative online mentoring platform designed to foster connections, support, and guidance among women. It empowers women to effortlessly connect with mentors for tailored support and opportunities, nurturing both personal and professional growth. The platform’s primary objective is to empower women through mentoring, elevating their visibility and significance in the workplace.

Here’s how it works: Women can sign up as either mentors or mentees. Mentors specify the skills or qualities they can offer, while mentees identify the areas in which they seek guidance and improvement. Utilizing an algorithm, #itoo matches mentees with mentors who possess relevant experiences, expertise, and aspirations, facilitating transformative learning and professional development journeys. Through analytics capabilities, #itoo ensures personalized mentoring connections.

#itoo stands out as a unique algorithm-powered platform, delivering optimal and personalized experiences for women, thereby transforming businesses with enhanced data-driven interactive employee support. By fostering genuine connections and facilitating knowledge exchange, #itoo cultivates a thriving community of empowered women who inspire each other to achieve their fullest potential. Ultimately, it also benefits organizations in numerous ways. It offers businesses a valuable tool to enhance operations and foster success, facilitates the attraction and retention of highly skilled female workforce, boosts representation, and delivers various other advantages.

The Value Department is currently guiding #itoo through its realization, having already assisted in analyzing its current business models and charting its future direction to identify new opportunities.

If you’re ready to unlock the potential and empower the futures of women together, stay tuned to our LinkedIn and website for updates on #itoo! Are you also in need of exploring your future business models and making a positive impact on the world? Reach out, your next opportunity is one call away.

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